Helle x Huckberry Collab knife

Helle x Huckberry Collab knife

A few months ago, we set out to create a masterpiece in collaboration with the creative team at Huckberry. Our focus was to build a replica of the classic Viking knife.

This artisan made beauty is originally designed using archaeological findings in Norway and dates back to the Viking era 1000 years ago. 

Helle x Huckberry

The Helle x Huckberry Viking knife pays homage to the past by combining meticulous craftsmanship with traditional materials for a handsome knife that resembles a 1000 year old artifact. 

The handle is assembled piece by piece with layers of curly birch, leather and reindeer antler. Reindeer being one of the most important animal in the Norwegian fauna for thousands of years. The big animal supplied people in the old age with important protein, warmth by its pelts and bone and antler for tools and jewelry. 

The Helle x Huckberry Viking comes with a triple-laminated carbon steel blade. Razor sharp right out of the box, just like any other Helle knife. A black back-sewn leather sheath that is ambidextrous.


Weight:    5,29 oz
Blade:   Laminated Carbon
Thickness:   0,146 inch
Length:   4,33 inch
Handle: Curly birch, reindeer antler and leather

More info on the Huckberry page - check it out now!

Hope to see you back here soon again!